To make a donation to support our campaign

Wadhurst Rotary Club chairman Andrew Collins makes a donation of £1500 to kickstart the campaign

Generous donation from Rowlands Trust

We are delighted to announce a generous donationof £2000 from Rowlands Trust.   We have used some of this money to re-launch our digital advertising campaign with effect from 25 April 2014 and are pleased to see the visits to our website incresing significantly as a result.  So the news is spreading!

Grant from Awards for All

We are delighted to annonce at £10,000 grant from the lottery fund Awards for All, which will fund an awareness campaign in Norfolk starting on 26 January 2015.

Donating to Action Against Heartburn

To avoid needless administration and bureaucracy, the charities involved have not set up a separate charity.   We are all registered charities in our own right, and all have our own special charitable aims in addition to the common purpose of this campaign.


Our bank account, used for common purposes and expenses of campaigns, is administered by the trustees of Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign to comply with charity law.   You may donate direct to the Action Against Heartburn account through Justgiving